Professional and service-oriented

At Tscherning, we are professional and carry out our tasks effectively, which makes us the obvious partner of choice. With our experience and knowledge, we create a sustainable and lucrative business that we and our customers are proud of.

We ensure that our knowledge is fully up to date when it comes to development, so that we can quickly
make the right decisions in busy day-to-day life. We accept joint responsibility to ensure that everyone has the right skills and training to be able to provide high-quality, environmentally responsible solutions, with a high degree of professional pride and in accordance with Tscherning's standards.


At Tscherning, we are always ready to serve our customers, and our attentiveness and involvement show that we have both the ability and the desire to complete tasks to the required standard. Our visibility and service show how much emphasis we place on helping our customers.

We keep our customers' goals in mind and understand their needs. Our aim is to solve our customers' problems. We have a flexible approach and view tasks as a whole. We are also solution-oriented and strive to make our customers' lives as problem-free as possible.