The environment is a key issue

It is common knowledge that substances that are hazardous to the environment and health exist in all building parts and installations. A lot of them are present in buildings constructed or renovated between 1955 and 1980, but they also exist in more recent construction projects.

Environmental remediation is an area that we are constantly developing at Tscherning. We are triple-certified within quality, the environment and working environment (KMA) and are a member of Asbestforeningen [the Danish asbestos association].

We have always focused on carrying out tasks in a responsible manner that takes into consideration both people and the environment. It is a natural part of the way we approach our tasks. For decades, we have been removing substances that are hazardous to the environment, and consider it our task to use our many years of expertise and specialist knowledge to improve the environment.

As part of the total service that Tscherning provides, we always offer holistic solutions. This means that we involve customers, authorities, consultants and other interested parties in the project as early as possible. We always strive to find the most rational and enterprising solution to challenges and to minimize the volume of waste as much as possible so that all of the parties involved have a good experience of the project.


Holistic environmental remediation

At Tscherning, we define environmental remediation as the "removal of substances that are hazardous to health and the environment in order to improve the environment". We have been involved in this area for decades.
We are experts at removing all types of environmentally hazardous substances.

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Environmental remediation of different environmentally hazardous substances

Many of our employees are highly trained in environmental remediation and we are able to provide an optimal solution as quickly as possible.

We have the experience, the equipment and the employees needed to complete everything from small tasks to major, complex projects with many stakeholders.