From surgical operation to total clean-up

Tscherning is not just among the best when it comes to the environment and quality within selective controlled demolition. We also specialize in other complex tasks that others struggle with.

With our technical background and in-house constructional engineers, we know, for example, when to brace permanent constructions. This is one of the reasons why consultants contact us for advice and assistance with descriptions and estimates. Whatever the task at hand, we have the right equipment, staff and experience to get the job done. In terms of the number of construction machinery and capacity, we are one of the leading companies in Denmark.

The art of demolition

Demolition is a serious craft that requires just as much expertise as building. It's important to do it right and take the environment, neighbours and employees into consideration. To ensure this, we have developed our KMA system, which you can read more about under the "Quality, environment and working environment" section. Doing it right also includes sorting correctly, so that as many materials as possible are reused in order to minimize the volume of waste and reduce costs for waste removal. And of course we also clean up in and outside, both during the job and prior to delivery.

Total demolition

Regardless of space conditions – and whether it is above or below the ground – we can carry out controlled demolition of power plants, industrial buildings, blocks of flats, detached houses, basements or complete factory facilities, including production facilities. We can also clear out foundations where required. And we leave the terrain cleared, cleaned and levelled, ready for future use. We can also help with applications for permits and contacting authorities and consultants.

Internal clearing 

With rebuilding, urban renewal and renovation projects, we can take care of the dismantling and demolition of internal inventory, flooring, ceilings, light wall constructions, electricity, pipes and ventilation, etc. In some cases, we use robots because they carry out tasks more easily and faster, while also significantly minimizing noise and dust and enhancing safety.

Surgical operation

When it comes to isolated operations in existing constructions, Tscherning has the required expertise for changing, cutting, breaking down and removing. We can work with both concrete and steel – and can carry out our work while the building is in use. For example, if surgical operations need to be carried out in an office building while the employees are still working, Tscherning ensures that vibrations, dust and noise are kept to a minimum. Surgical operations include demolition of walls, breaking through floor decks and removal of stairs and safe-deposit boxes.

Dismantling building parts

Tscherning has the necessary knowledge and experience for assessing constructions and risks before we plan concrete dismantling of building parts. We can dismantle entire building parts for reuse, and we know the best way to retain and handle the parts, even when there are many interconnected parts. Tscherning has experience in dismantling steel constructions, concrete elements, roof constructions, boilers, turbines, window sections and facade elements.

Demolition of steel and facilities

We are experienced in the demolition of bridges, ramps, bunkers, railways, harbours and maritime constructions above and under water, as well as steel constructions and the breaking up of roads and surfaces.

Clearing after damage

Regardless of whether the damage is due to fire, storms or water, we always have the right equipment and staff ready and can mobilize ourselves quickly. Our ability to act quickly and in the right way saves costs by limiting the extent of the damage and preventing consequential damage.

Demolition of contaminated buildings

Contaminated buildings are not a problem for Tscherning. We know the rules and cooperate with the occupational health service (BST) and the Danish Working Environment Authority to carry out demolition in the best way. We can carry out asbestos removal, cleaning of building parts, clearing abandoned process waste, etc.


Exploding may be the best tool regardless of the type of demolition in question. We can carry out explosions ourselves or in cooperation with external explosion experts. Of course, we always follow the guidelines of the Dansk Sprængteknisk Forening [the Danish technical explosions association].