Tscherning Beton [Tscherning concrete] has many years of experience carrying out in-situ concrete and shell work within the building and construction area. Our highly professional, experienced employees are proud to provide high-quality work within the agreed timescale at the agreed price. We primarily carry out our projects ourselves and use our regular partners, which ensures a joint understanding of how the task is to be completed and a strong focus on customers.

With Tscherning Beton, you get a cooperation partner who: 

  • Carries out the task to a high quality and within the agreed timescale
  • Complies with all financial agreements
  • Works in the greenest way possible
  • Prioritizes the working environment and social responsibility
  • Ensures honest and trustworthy dialogue between the parties
  • Ensures that the construction project is understood and supported by Tscherning Beton's management


By cooperating with Tscherning's other business areas, Tscherning Beton can make use of the many in-house competences and therefore provide simple and more efficient cooperation between the different parts of the construction process.   
When a customer buys a building for demolition, it is generally because something else is going to be established on the site afterwards. We are able to offer beneficial services by taking care of demolition, reuse of materials and the subsequent site development. Tscherning Beton is taking the synergy within Tscherning a step further in the concrete and in-situ area, and is now able to offer a total service that encompasses the time from when an old building is there until when the site has been cleaned, remediated and developed until finished in-situ concrete is ready to be built upon.

Circular economy

We think green and focus on circular economy and so are constantly searching for better and more suitable processes and procedures that take the environment into consideration.  

When we manage the entire process, we can ensure that the environment is protected and that construction costs are limited. For example, we can dismantle entire building elements and mount them in a new building. Reusing and upcycling materials and implementing more efficient logistics processes enable us to minimize wasted resources and reduce transport to and from the site.


Contact Tscherning Beton A/S

Claus Gade

Telephone: +45 7242 4300
Mobile: +45 8144 4930