The right machine for the right task

Since the day Georg Tscherning leased his first machine, we have made it our job to obtain the right machine for the task at hand. Since then, we have acquired many more machines and we now have a vast range of specialist machinery. 30 years of experience and a strong understanding of mechanics and unconventional solutions have enabled us to ensure that the machinery we design or acquire is suitable and efficient, which makes it a major asset. By finding out a little bit about the task, site and working conditions, we can ensure that we always bring the right machinery. And you can even lease some of the industry's best people to run it.

We think about both operational safety and the environment

More and more of Tscherning's machines are equipped with particle filters and use biodegradable hydraulic oil. We constantly renew our equipment and use our own service cars and mechanics. This helps to ensure a high level of operational safety and environmental protection.

Tscherning's lease terms are available here