The Tscherning Academy

Tscherning Akademiet

People development is a priority at Tscherning and, in order to future-proof the company's high standards, we established the Tscherning Akademiet [the Tscherning Academy] in 2012.

The idea, as the nickname "the Painting Cabinet" implies, is that all employees at Tscherning, regardless of background and experience, are required to go through the Painting Cabinet. This is to ensure that they all have a basic understanding of the company's green spirit, history, values and ambitions, as well as an understanding of our expectations on how to act – our five basic principles.

New employees are automatically enrolled in the Tscherning Akademiet and one of the first things they are given is a safety bag. Within the first year, they also take part in a tailored programme, which takes both the company's needs and the employee's wishes into account for further development the following years.

In this way, the Tscherning Akademiet contributes to ensuring that all employees have the opportunity for an exciting career path at Tscherning.

In cooperation with Alectia Joblife, the Tscherning Akademiet has recently finished our ambitious manager development programme for around 75 managers.

See Tscherning's start-up video for new employees here