Credit assessment

Tscherning undergoes ongoing credit assessments by the Bisnode company (formerly Soliditet), which has a reliable, advanced assessment model. A number of parameters are used as the basis for the assessment, including the basis key figures from the Danish Business Authority and the Central Business Register (CVR).

Vi er en kreditværdig virksomhed baseret på Bisnodes kreditvurderingssystem. Vurderingen er foretaget ud fra en mængde forskellige beslutningsregler. Oplysningerne bliver opdateret dagligt via Bisnodes database. Kreditvurderingen af virksomheden er således altid aktuel.

Certified management system

Tscherning is the first company in its industry to simultaneously receive three certifications, which makes us one of the leading companies within quality, environment and working environment. We have developed the first – and so far only – quality, environment and working environment (KMA) management system, which, since its inception, has ensured that we comply with all requirements of the three certifications in all our working processes. This gives you proof that we complete our work to an exceptionally high standard. This certification also means that we are also legally required to improve ourselves, as we are monitored every six months. You can see our certificates below:

  • f/certifikater/certificate-iqnet-iso-9001.jpg
  • f/certifikater/certificate-iqnet-iso-14001.jpg
  • f/certifikater/certificate-iqnet-iso-45001.jpg

Other certificates

Tscherning also excels professionally in a number of other areas. Here is a selection of our other certificates:

  • content/certificering-ledelssystem-1.jpg
  • content/top1procent-certifikat_g-tscherning-as-2019---thumb.jpg

Certified carbon-dioxide-neutral website

As part of our aim to be a sustainable company, we have chosen to compensate for the environmental impact of our website.

The servers and the network that run the world's Internet traffic require more power than people might think. This means that a frequently visited website takes a toll on nature's resources. Tscherning is helping to tackle this issue by neutralizing the volume of carbon dioxide generated by our online presence.

The more traffic there is on our website, the more we support green activities, such as setting up wind turbines and other renewable energy projects.