About us

Quality, environment and working environment

Tscherning is the first company in the danish demolition industry to simultaneously receive three certifications, which makes us one of the leading companies within quality, environment and working environment. We have developed the first quality, environment and safety (QES) management system, which, since its inception, has ensured that we comply with all requirements of the three certifications in all our working processes. This gives you proof that we complete our work to an exceptionally high standard. This certification also means that we are also legally required to improve ourselves, as we are monitored every six months.  

The QES system

The quality, environment and safety (QES) system ensures that a QES-plan is made for each indivirual task. The plan describes the course of events, working processes and detailed guidelines on how to document and carry out control. To make sure that the system is a success, we need to involve our employees and ensure knowledge-sharing and follow-up. The KMA system is certified by Tapcert ApS and ensures that, as well as carrying out our work in line with the three standards, we also comply with the demolition industry's environmental control system, NMK 96. All of this happens in the same single process.

Quality management

We comply with the ISO 9001 standard, which contains detailed guidelines on how to prepare and carry out tasks in the quickest, most suitable, financially and professionally correct way. The standard ensures that we provide you with the right product in the right time frame.


We follow the specific instructions of the ISO 14001 standard so that your tasks are completed in a way that protects the environment as much as possible, so that you don't risk facing an environmental case. We also take other measures, such as running all of our construction machinery with environmental diesel and running an increasing number of them with particle filters. Most of the hydraulic oil that we use is biodegradable. The coffee in our offices is organic and, of course, we use recycled paper.

Working environment

We comply with the ISO 45001 standard and Danish Executive Orders 87 and 923. They ensure that our tasks are carried out in proper working conditions that benefit employees and prevent industrial accidents and resulting delays.
 We also use demolition robots for particularly burdensome tasks and have comprehensive contingency plans in place to deal with any potential accidents or spillages. Tscherning's employees are among the best-trained people in the industry and have access to the latest and most comprehensive equipment.

See our certificates here.

Management policy

Tscherning's management policy for quality, environment and working environment is our declaration of the overall goals we are dedicated to achieving. To be certified, we are required to have a policy in place and make it available to all. You can read our Management Policy in the PDF file here.

Quality, environment and working environment policy