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Payment terms

The Tscherning group aims to continuously improve its business processes so that we can meet the agreements that we enter into with our suppliers and sub-contractors. As part of this process, and in order to ensure correct, fast processing of your invoices, we always need the following information:

You can find a list of all of our employees with names and photos HERE

Our employees must always be able to provide you with the information above. If we receive any invoices without the information mentioned above, we unfortunately have to return them without further notice.

All invoices must be received no later than on the fifth working day of the following month. If they are received after this, the invoice will not be processed until the following month, resulting in a delay in payment. Interest invoices are not paid without prior agreement with the undersigned.

Please send invoices, including vouchers, formatted as one PDF to:

  • Tscherning: faktura.gt@tscherning.dk – Company reg. (CVR) no. 26378443
  • Totaldiamanten ApS: faktura.td@totaldiamanten.dk – Company reg. (CVR) no. 33163436

Our payment terms are the current month plus 30 days from receipt.

If you have any questions, please contact Diana Nielsen, CFO, on tel. +45 (0)5336 6180.


Lease terms

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the rules below and the price list that is applicable at any given time must be used for each lease agreed with Tscherning.

The person requesting the service is referred to in the following as the lessee and Tscherning as the lessor.

Tscherning's lease terms are available here