About us


We would like to be here for many more years

Tscherning was already green well before other companies started thinking about environmental considerations.

Georg, our founder, designed our logo with green spruce trees even before he dreamed of becoming a contractor.

And if you go far enough back in time, there were probably some people who shook their heads at some of our green activities.

Today, things are different. All companies need to take responsibility for our climate and environment. Ensuring that all employees turn off their computers when they go home or choosing organic coffee for the coffee maker are just small steps. 
What makes a big difference is when you start making environmental considerations part of the business itself.

At Denmark's green contractor, Tscherning, work is constantly being done to develop the circular economy as a business area.

We have a head start, because we've been thinking green well before it was cool. But it has still required dedication and an innovative approach to make money while thinking green in the construction industry.

Among other initiatives, we have a dedicated development manager who keeps track of potential new green business within the demolition and construction areas. 

And we cooperate with many different organizations on green projects. 

You can read more about activities such as our participation in the ReSkur project, which is a building system for sheds (for example, for storing bicycles, waste sorting or office supplies) made of recycled wood and tiles from roof renovation waste.

Or click here to find out about our cooperation with the Danish Technological Institute and Lendager UP, which works with resource optimization and upcycle product development on upcycling materials from our demolition work for reuse in new construction.